Interviewing can be a chore for many hiring managers. Usually it’s because the vetting process hasn’t given you concrete information, and hasn’t properly prepared you to meet a candidate. In addition, the candidate has been asked the same set of questions over and over, which can make the conversation stale.

Here are eight questions to include in your interview that should spark life into the process and get you the information you need to conduct a revealing interview.

  1. I am assuming, you’ve been given a lot of information about our organization and role. Given what you’ve learned, why are you interested in working here?
  2. Why are you a pleasure to work with?
  3. Why are you a challenge to work with?
  4. What do you hope to accomplish in the first six months in this role?
  5. Give me an example of a mistake you made and how you rectified it.
  6. What is your strategy on the first day of work?
  7. How did you get to know the people in your current or last role?
  8. What type of feedback will you need from me as your manager?

The answers to the questions will reveal lots of information about your potential employee. For example:

Question 1 tells you if they did their research and prepared for the meeting. It will also tell you a bit about how they approach work.
Questions 2 & 3 identify how much they know themselves and if they are secure in their skills.
Questions 4 & 5 let you know if they plan well, how they think, and what they will contribute.
Questions 6 & 7 reveal how they work with a team and what their leadership qualities are
Question 8 reveals how they will work with you.

Nathalie Heywood-Smith

Nathalie Heywood Smith has created and executed thought leadership, reputation management and social media programs. She has helped professionals transition into new careers, graduates embark on their career journey and executives position

themselves for emerging growth. Former Vice President at Update Inc., she started the division Update Creative and directed all business development and strategy for the recruiting firm.

Come see Nathalie moderate our speaker panel on their career journeys on Sept 29 in NYC at In-House Perspectives 2.

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