If you don’t have the luxury of having nice weather all year round, like here in New York, you probably look forward to the first sign of a warm day.

This whole winter you likely sat inside cooped up in your office, rarely leaving your desk (besides to get up and get coffee).  You are not alone.

However, now is the time to get out and go for a quick stroll, enjoy the weather and get some fresh air before pollen comes and ruins our lives.

This can actually help you!  Besides the obvious health reasons, walking and moving around can actually help boost your mood and spark your creativity.

How many “bad days” have you had this past winter?  Walk around and bad moods, no more!

Writers block is a thing, but so is creative block.  We’ve all been there.  That walk can also help you ignite new ideas and creative block, be gone!

And… summer is coming – need I say more?

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