I can’t think of a better way to sum up an inspirational list than “The Hit List” written by Chase Jarvis, a world-renowned photographer. What I like about it is its brevity, clarity, and boldness. www.Chasejarvis.com

So, taking some insight from Jarvis and mixing it up with my own vision–adding 10+ years of in-house experience—out comes the following in-house tips and tricks:


Prioritize and re-prioritize and then prioritize again—all day, everyday.

Customer service

Loose the ‘tude! Remind yourself to use your inside voice no matter how cockamamie the person in front of you or inside your inbox is.

Get to the point

No one wants to hear you droning on during a presentation and when you do, you’re loosing your audience. Make your point quickly: Objective, Solution, Next Steps and then move on with your life.

Training and explaining

Everyone hits the ground running. Sound familiar? DON’T do this. As the leader, you look terrible when your staff does not know what they are doing. So do what it takes, find the extra time, and get people on-boarded properly so they look good and so do you.

Make it happen

There is an art to cutting through the bullshit to get stuff done. It’s not easy, and like anything else, it takes practice. You and your team need to be seen and respected as trusted partners who can produce. Carefully look for the blockades within your workflow and find a way to release them. We all encounter 50 different roadblocks each day, but as a leader, unclogging blockage is a crucial skill that needs to be honed and mastered.

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