It’s ok, you’re not the only one. Here’s some advice from a woman who was in that very same spot. Let’s call it “In hindsight advice”:

Day one


Do not pass go!

Do nothing but cry in your beer.

No phone calls, drunk driving or drunk texting.

Tell your spouse and stop right there.


Day two

Wake up hung over and starved.

Make full breakfast.

Whip out the laptop and update your LinkedIn profile, resume, portfolio, and any other bells and whistles that make you sound cool.

Prepare your “out-of-work story” to explain to recruiters and potential hiring managers. Why did you loose your job and how can you put a positive spin on this so you don’t come across as the disgruntled person you really are right now?

Day three

Begin calling everyone and their mother, with confidence. No backstabbing or crying about the company that let you go, just get to it about what you’re looking for.

Keep a list of everyone who even gave you a small ray of light that they can help and follow up within a week.

Day four

Contact every recruiter in the industry. Not just one or two—all of them. Sometimes they have the same clients and sometimes they don’t, so don’t hold back

Day five

Apply to every role online that seems like it could be a possibility, even if there are a few responsibilities that you have not had in the past. Hiring managers are always looking for the “unicorn”. So again, don’t hold back.

Day five and thereafter

Rinse and repeat steps three, four, and five until something sticks. Be patient—the right role will come.

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