If you and your team sometimes have ideas rejected or picked apart by in-house clients and other decision makers, Sam Harrison’s “IdeaSelling” may be the perfect book for you.

“IdeaSelling” is formatted in single-page messages, each page offering advice on how to prepare and deliver winning presentations.

The following excerpts provide examples of the book’s easy-to-read design and quick-hitting insights.

Click the following link to download excepts from “IdeaSelling’ IdeaSelling_Selections.pdf (1 MB)

Sam Harrison has successfully pitched ideas for more than twenty years in corporate, agency, freelance and consulting roles. He was a senior vice president of creative services and branding for an S&P 500 firm and has worked with such clients and associates as NFL, Major League Baseball, Hallmark, Hasbro and John Denver Environmental Groups.
He provides creativity-related talks, workshops and coaching to conferences and in-house groups throughout North America and beyond. He also teaches creativity, idea-pitching and writing classes at Portfolio Center’s graduate-studies program.

In addition to “IdeaSelling,” Sam is also the author of “IdeaSpotting: How to find your next great idea” and “Zing! Five steps and 101 tips for creativity on command.”

He can be reached at www.zingzone.com.

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