A Guide to Creative Thinking and Idea Generation
By Thomas Vogel
F&W Publishing

You’ll love this creative thinking book if:

  • You’re looking for ways to improve your creative process
  • You develop new skills more efficiently with examples from others
  • You like to utilize helpful exercises and techniques to learn new skills

Breakthrough Thinking by Thomas Vogel is a guide to developing effective creative thinking skills, and applying them to challenges in the competitive business environment. Whether you struggle with the brainstorming process or problem solving, or just want to further shape your creative process, discover techniques and exercises that will help you develop a more flexible thought process. In a constantly developing economy innovation is key, so utilize the principles and examples presented in this book and tap into your creative potential!

This book is broken into three main sections. The first consists of theoretical frameworks and insights that explore what creativity is, how it functions, and how it can be applied to our daily lives. The second provides insights of experienced professionals, and uses the knowledge, expertise, and experience they share to help you master creativity in your own life. The third and final section offers personal essays written by former undergraduate students, in which they share how they have developed creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and how they use those skills in their personal and professional lives.

In Breakthrough Thinking you’ll find:

  • A holistic approach to creative thinking
  • Industry examples that demonstrate how flexible thinking translates into the competitive business world
  • Techniques and exercises for honing your creative process

A word from the author:

“Creativity is a broad and complex topic that cannot be achieved through one-time workshops or quick fixes. Mastering the skill of creative thinking takes time, dedication and practice. It involves an active mind that will become more and more open to fresh ideas and seeing new ways of doing things.” —Thomas Vogel

About the author:
Thomas Vogel specializes in creativity and creative thinking, as well as strategic communication, experience design and branding on the Internet. Formerly a Professor of Media Design at the Department of Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, Germany, he now teaches courses in creativity and creative thinking and directs the master program in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising at Emerson College. He is a creativity consultant and a founding partner of mediaman, a digital marketing agency in Germany, China, Argentina and the USA.

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