Opinion Poll: What workflow/project management tool does your team use?

In last month’s poll on workflow efficiency, the majority of responders cited a project management tool as essential to their process. With many digital tools on the market, choosing the right one for the size and needs of your team can be difficult.

What workflow/project management tool does your team use? Leave a comment below about how effective your workflow system is.

  • Mike Kelly

    We currently use Robohead but are transitioning to AtTask, which offers a fuller featured solution.

  • My team used BaseCamp. It works well for us. It makes for easy communication and tracking of projects.

  • Bryan Durren

    We use Trello, which is a free solution. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but nice for the price.

  • I’m very interested to read everyone’s response. I’m currently sourcing a solution for a client. Has anyone ever considered Wrike? I’m also curious, Mike Kelly, How your experience with AtTask has been?

  • pfred2

    We’re currently testing Asana with the design and fabrication team before we try to implement outside of our department. We are able to link projects with Klok, which were are also testing to track time spent on projects.

    I researched FunctionFox a couple of years ago and was interested in using it, but could not get support from higher-ups. Testing these current tools is being supported from our department budget.

  • We also use Basecamp. I really like the new UX design but we need the time tracking feature. I am not to happy that we have to continue to use Classic. The new UX has a really nice calendar.

  • At my current job, I implemented Workamajig. My creative team appreciates the widget-based UI, and my coordinator likes how easy it is to set up new projects, and link them to a campaign. I like that it’s cloud-based, and browser based, so that I can do what I need to do from anywhere.

    My previous job had a solution that was custom developed in-house. In testing it looked great, but I left before I got to use it.

    Seems to me that an off the shelf solution would suit most teams, unless you are on the level of Coke, and need to have a robust/integrated DAM and Workflow.

  • Tay Pearson

    I’m currently working on a cross functional team to evaluate Project Management software solutions that would work across the organization and not just in Creative/Marketing. My company makes personal care and houshold cleaning products – so we’re looking for a solution that helps with new product development (R&D, logistics, ops, marketing, creative, finance). I realize that it’s probably nearly impossible to find a solution that will serve all departments perfectly…but wondering if there’s something out there that will work well enough for all? Would love to hear of anyone else’s experience.

    Currently our creative team is mostly using my brain to keep track of everything. Which of course is not sustainable long term. 😉

  • Kimberly Morrisette

    We are using Asana for long-term project management as well as our own daily to-do lists, but have a Sharepoint-built “Work Order” system for requests from outside our department. Asana isn’t quite there yet in terms of a company-wide solution, but it’s great for a small team, and there have been some great new developments recently and I think it’ll get there soon.

  • Scott MacPhee

    Here at Saban Brands we use ‘Liquid Planner’.

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