Opinion-Poll_Results-Twitter-1200x1200In last month’s poll on project prioritization and load balancing, 45% of respondents said they rely on their traffic manager to dole out the work and keep deadlines in check. Augmenting your staff with freelancers came in second with 37% of the vote. And tiering projects and using workflow software came in third with close to 30%. From your comments, it’s clear many teams are struggling with this issue, using any and all tricks to manage the load.

Some respondents have seen success using Agile methodology. But several said they prioritize projects by income stream, weight, or “who is the pushiest.” As one person said, “We sacrifice our best processes and practices to the business’ needs.” While there doesn’t seem to be any one ideal way to juggle workflow, all can agree that being nimble is essential to meeting the demands of your business.

Note: Percentages have been rounded. Results include multiple choices per respondant.

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