The Berlin School of Creative Leadership is proud to announce the InSource Scholarship.

Thanks to a partnership with InSource, the global network for in-house creative business leaders, the scholarship winner will receive 20.000 Euro (US$25,291) in tuition support for the Berlin School Executive MBA in Creative Leadership program starting March 16, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Up to three additional finalists may be eligible to receive 10.000 EURO (US$12,645) in partial-tuition support.

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership feels a special kinship with InSource, since its birth in 2002 coincides roughly with the idea of launching the Berlin School. Both of our organizations are dedicated to sharing best practices and knowledge to drive creative excellence and business success.

The Berlin School is a vibrant laboratory for leadership in the creative industries, and many of the participants in our Executive MBA program have been working as in-house creative team or agency leaders. Indeed, one of our current participants, Shani Sandy, is a volunteer board member of InSource. So we are well aware of the challenges that its members face, and we are eager to help them find innovative solutions to the problems their members – and the creative industries at large – are facing. We’re excited to begin a partnership with this dynamic global community that is focused on finding the best ways forward for the in-house creative industry.

Shani Sandy, InSource Board Member, at the Berlin School

Who should apply?

a) Seasoned in-house creative leaders from the manager level through to C level.

  1. b) Those who will soon transition into a leadership role
  2. c) Those who have recently been promoted into an in-house senior leadership role

Who qualifies?
Scholarship candidates must be current InSource members. They should be accomplished senior executives in the creative industries with a strong professional background and track record of creative and/or business excellence. A BA degree is preferred but not mandatory (non-BA degree holders can qualify for the MBA program through a special process).

How will applicants be judged by the selection committee?
Entries will be judged according to their overall profile and EMBA application, as well as their response to an additional InSource Scholarship essay question. We are looking for creative leaders with fresh ideas to renew and drive innovation in their companies, communities and industries.

Does it cost anything to apply?

No. There is no application fee required to apply for the scholarship.

What does the scholarship cover?
The scholarship offers the winner 20.000 Euro (US$25,291) in financial support towards the EMBA program tuition. Up to three additional finalists will be eligible to receive 10.000 Euro (US$12,645) in partial-tuition support. All forms of scholarship support are not transferable and cannot be paid out in cash.

What does the scholarship not cover?
The scholarship winner is responsible for paying the remaining portion of tuition (total tuition is 53.000 Euro before scholarship funds are calculated). Financial assistance—in the form of non-collateral loans via Prodigy Finance— is available for accepted applicants from more than 150 countries.

Travel and accommodation costs must also be covered by the scholarship winner.

If I win the scholarship must I start in March 2016?
Yes. The scholarship only applies to the March 2015 EMBA start.

When and where does the program start?
March 16, 2016 in Berlin. March module sessions run from March 16-29.

Where does the executive MBA program take place and for how long?
The EMBA program includes five compact two-week modules that can be completed in 12-24 months (total of 70 classroom instruction days). The program includes modules in Berlin (three modules), the USA (one module) and in Asia (one module). Learn more about the EMBA program structure and module dates.

What is the program language?
The entire program is conducted in English. Since most of our participants (and even many of our instructors) are using English as a second language, non-native speakers with a basic understanding of business-level English should be capable of participating and succeeding in our program. Indeed, most of the winners of our Best Thesis Award each year have not been native English speakers.

What do I have to submit to apply?
1. Completed application
2. Response to the InSource Scholarship essay questions
3. Current CV (in English)

InSource Scholarship essay questions
Please answer three of the four below questions. Explain in detail (approximately 200-350 words each) how you would strategically position yourself and your team to handle the following in-house challenges:

  • Your global organization needs to rebrand their visual identity. How do you begin putting steps into place to start the rebrand process and obtain internal buy-in from the C-Suite?
  • As a creative in-house leader, what do you think your biggest career challenge has been and how did you come up with the solution?
  • Your Chief Marketing Officer has just resigned and you fear your team could be in danger without his or her support. What do you do?
  • You’ve been hired to build, or reorganize, an in-house creative team. How would you accomplish this, and in what timeframe?

How do I apply?
Using the Berlin School’s online application portal.

Be sure to indicate you are applying for the InSource Scholarship.

When is the application deadline?
November 1, 2015

Contact Gerardo Tejo, our Head of Admissions

Tel. +49 (0)30 884 980 80