InSource President, Andy Brenits

To my Fellow In-House Leaders,

InSource has come a long way since its Board of Directors decided to return InSource to a free membership model. Our registered membership has grown to more than 1,200 in-house managers and leaders from around the world, just like you. With this dramatic increase in membership, InSource has been able to develop strong, strategic partnerships with organizations that provide valuable resources to our members.

In March of this year, InSource and Cella Consulting (one of those strong partnerships) released the collaborative effort: The In-House Creative Services Industry Report. The first report aimed at benchmarking issues pertinent to leaders charged with running in-house creative businesses. With more than 1,000 downloads in the first 2 weeks, we have confirmation that we have developed a valuable resource for all InSource members. InSource and Cella will be partnering on this project annually to illustrate trends and issues in our industry.

Soon, you will see articles provided by The Center for Creative Leadership (yet another new partner of ours) aimed at providing all of us with the coaching we need to be effective leaders in our organizations. And in the next few weeks, you’ll hear about some exciting news about partnerships with the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF) and HOW.

As for events, we just announced a date for our regional roundtables (Thursday, June 23, 2011), which will be held simultaneously in Boston, New York, and Chicago. If you’re attending the HOW Conference in Chicago, add this to your itinerary! And if you’re not going to the HOW Conference, you’ve got a few choices of cities to join with your peers to discuss Creating, Promoting and Earning Value Recognition for In-House Creative Organizations.

In addition to our roundtables, we already have an exciting new project in the works for the fall. Stay tuned for a formal description and invitation in the very near future.

As for InSource leadership, I’m pleased to announce that Robin Colangelo has agreed to serve as director of partnerships, leading the strategic development of corporate sponsorships and partnerships. Kevin Kearns has agreed to lead our marketing efforts, in addition to being InSource Vice President. And I will continue to manage our online content, along with serving as President.

I want like to thank InSource Board Members Andre Paquin, Kim Kiser, and Laurie Brammer for all of their hard work serving InSource during the last year. Andre is a past president and is producing the regional roundtables, Kim produces our opinion polls, and Laurie produces our newsletter. I also welcome Andy Epstein, the cofounder of InSource, back to the organization. Andy will be assisting InSource in the production of live events. Andy is already hard at work orchestrating an exciting event for Fall 2011.

Andre, Andy, Kim, and Laurie are all dedicated members of committees that make InSource what it is. Along with Kevin, Robin, and myself, we all volunteer our time to make InSource THE network for sharing professional experiences, knowledge, and best practices that help empower all in-house creative leaders to run their business most effectively.

If you’re interested in joining us on the InSource Board of Directors and are passionate about the power of in-house design organizations, please contact us with your areas of interest.

Here’s looking forward to great things ahead!

Andy Brenits
President, InSource