InSource President Andy Brenits co-presented a webinar on building a case for creative workflow management with inMotionNow Chief Marketing Officer Alex Withers. 

Like “automation” or “agile” before it, “workflow” has become a hot topic for marketers and creatives—how to define it, how to simplify it, how to optimize it. That’s because most are finding establishing an effective workflow is clear to their success. What’s not so clear is how to make a business case for a solution.

How to make the case for a solution that will actually help them make improvements.

Creative workflow management can make the lives of marketers and creatives a whole lot easier (think getting content approved over 75% faster). But getting buy-in for a new solution from the rest of their organization can seem like a daunting task.

“As a business leader, there are a lot of things you need to think about before choosing and implementing a new solution,” Brenits says. “Think about your team’s current workflow state. What are you using to manage your process now, and how different will that be from a new solution? What kind of ramp up time are you expecting before everyone is on the new system?

Read the post about the webinar on InMotionNow’s website and find links to the recorded webinars here on our site too.