Guest Article by Ed Roberts

I was sitting at a stoplight one afternoon rifling through 19 emails I received on my iPhone ten minutes after leaving work. “Yep,” “No” and “fantastic!” were the one word answers I frantically typed in response to three of the five emails I was able to read before the light turned green. It was 1:45 p.m. and I was starving, overworked, multitasking and late for a meeting held on the utopic park-like SAS campus. I eked out two phone calls and by the time I ended the second I leaned out my car window and said to the guard, “InSource Regional Roundtable.”

I’m the creative director of a small in-house corporate communications team that markets the services of an organization that manages billions in electric generation assets.

Ed Roberts is Creative Lead at ElectriCities of NC, Inc. and manages a team of creative superheroes. Follow Ed (@InHouseObs) on Twitter for more inspiration and insight.

If you weren’t able to attend an InSource event in 2012, don’t worry! Highlights from these events are now public to all members of InSource’s website, and there are even more events and roundtables to come in 2013!