inMotionNow and InSource are excited to announce the 2018 In-House Creative Management Report!


Aggregating feedback from over 400 Marketing and Creative professionals and industry thought leaders, the report contains 5 key findings about the state of creative management in 2018:

1. Internal clients measure the success of creative work by its impact on business objectives.
But creatives themselves measure success by client satisfaction and customer feedback.

2. Small creative teams serve many masters in performing important work.
The average creative team has fewer than 10 members and supports 50 or more stakeholders, suggesting that most businesses are underinvesting in creative.

3. Demand for creative content continues to grow in volume and velocity.
Creative teams are producing 10 times the volume of work than in previous years.

4. The key to improving the creative process is at project intake.
67% of creative teams report that obtaining the necessary information just to begin work is difficult or very difficult.

5. Creatives are spending too much time on non-creative administrative tasks.
20% of annual creative time is spent on administrative tasks.

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The full report is now available for download.