201605-Video-Opinion-Poll_Results-Twitter-1200x1200In our last poll on how in-house teams are producing videos, 60% of responders said they have their own video production team. Using freelancers came in second with 30% and using external agencies came in a close third at 29%.

Whatever the model, it’s clear that videos are a medium few in-house creative teams can ignore, with only 4% citing that videos weren’t on their radar.

With videos’ ability to engage an audience quickly and effectively, bolstering your team with video production can go a long way toward elevating your team’s creative output. And as more than one person wrote, they have a video team of one. Hiring a switch hitter that can shoot, edit, and animate is a great place to start.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the May opinion poll. The summer opinion poll on senior leadership is now open.

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