Join us for an evening of insight and networking at the next InSource Signature Event: In-House Perspectives: Disruption

In-house leaders are shaking things up and disrupting the status quo. Join us in September to hear how.

In-house creative teams, and those that lead them face unique challenges that only other in-house creative professionals can understand. On September 27th join InSource in New York City as we hear in-house leaders present insightful 15-minute perspectives related to working in-house and disrupting the status quo.

The theme for the evening: Disruption: How are in-house leaders creating a shift in their organization and industry.

Featured Talks

Go Digital (Or Die Trying): Lessons from In-House Creative Teams
Ryan Sutton

Today, companies need to go digital to survive – and creative teams are under increasing pressure to innovate despite myriad business roadblocks. Get a look at the results of a new digital benchmarking survey of nearly 600 industry practitioners and learn how forward-thinking companies are trailblazing in this space. You’ll also find out what skills and positions employers are willing to pay a premium for, and methods of recruiting and retaining hard-to-find creative talent.

In-House Cross-Generational Communication Can Disrupt the Divide
Rena DeLevie

Does your account manager text profusely? Does your art director sketch with a pencil? Do you feel like you and your other-generation peers speak different languages? You do. Join this talk on how to effectively and compassionately disrupt the current divide by empowering a team of in-house cross-generational contributors to deliver outstanding work, on-time and on-budget, in partnership. You’ll learn The 4-Step Formula For Not Taking It Personally. Quite possibly the greatest challenge humans encounter, and by far the most freeing decision to make, Not Taking It Personally frees us from distraction and enables us to have compassion for what our other-generation colleagues may be experiencing. The result: cross-generational trust, respect, and collaboration.

Brand Activation: Tools for Designing and Maintaining Dynamic Brands
Brandie Knox

A brand is a living thing. Brandie Knox of Knox Design Strategy demonstrates how in-house creative teams can maintain a dynamic brand with energized customers and clients, identifying critical junctures for regeneration and activating brand messengers throughout the company and across disciplines.

Riding the Wave of Disruption
Ken Carlson

Companies both large and small understand that in order to be successful, they must adapt to change. That change comes in all forms and affects all areas. In order to advance your team and make them consistently relevant, leaders need to focus on a wider perspective. Ken shares his experience with and stories about leading in a state of continuous disruption.

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