In-House Perspectives Chicago

Chicago, IL
How Design Live understands the unique needs of the in-house creative team. That’s why we think you deserve more. More up-to-the-minute skill-building, more inspiration, more kudos. And HOW’s got it. HOW Design Live returns to Chicago this May 2-6, where every aspect of the conference experience is curated with the in-house designer in mind.  HOW Design Live has once again partnered with InSource to deliver an all new lineup of powerhouse speakers and career-boosting content—including InSource President Andy Brenits at a special session in the IHP format —but if you want to save your seat at its lowest price, you must act now. Featured speakers include: Peter Leeds: What designers should know about how non-designers learn design.  Even more than their agency counterparts, in-house creatives work with people who don’t have a direct connection to design, which can make it challenging to explain the value of work and to sell in new ideas. By figuring out how those people learn about design — what helps them understand and appreciate great work — you can come up with ways to make them into better business partners, advocates, and even creative collaborators. Vanessa Dewey, Mattel, Inc.: What’s Next—Navigating Our Ever-Evolving Career Paths After art school, a designer is equipped with the fundamentals to excel in their field, and many of us do. However, there is a point at which what we learned in schools and in our work has its limits. Often, after an initial period of success in our field, we ask ourselves, “What’s next?” As creatives, we might not realize that finding the next route in our career is within our reach when we focus on the 3 P’s: passion, patterns, and people. As a valued InSource member, you are eligible to save up to 10% using code INSOURCE.