Highlights from the Phoenix Roundtable on September 25, 2014

In-house creative services are growing. Around the country, more companies are starting or growing their own in-house creative teams. Sharing ideas and personal experiences as leaders and members of in-house creative teams was the focus of the InSource Regional Roundtable held in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 25, 2014. Facilitated by Andy Brenits who serves as president of InSource and leader of creative services at Arizona Public Services, a group of 30 in-house creative professionals came together to discuss “Managing the Constant of Change: Preparing for the Growth of Your In-House Teams.”

Special Thanks to Our Global Partners, Event Sponsors and Supporters 

InSource greatly appreciates the gracious hospitality of Arizona Public Service for providing meeting space for this InSource Roundtable in Phoenix.

We thank Adobe, Aldine, AtTask, Boom Ideanet, Bridgeman Images, Brilliant Graphics, GDUSA, InMotionNow  and HOW for their generous donation of sponsorships, materials, and services to support the work of InSource!

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