• New York, NY
    32 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013, U.S.
  • September 21, 2017
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (EDT)

Building a sense of community among leaders of in-house creative teams matters. That’s why a crowd of more than 65 professionals working in the world of creative services came together for the InSource In-House Perspectives New York (IHPNY) event held on September 21, 2017, at GlobalEdit Headquarters (a venue with stunning New York City skyline views) located at 32 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.

People with a strong desire for face-to-face conversations among new and old friends were able to network with each other from the moment the doors opened at 6 p.m., including interacting with InSource partners Adobe Stock, Brilliant Graphics, InMotionNow, and Mohawk representatives who were on hand to offer their suggestions and expertise.Robin Colangelo (Vice President, InSource) and Nathalie Heywood Smith (Director of Membership Engagement, InSource) extended a warm welcome to everyone who attended this event. In addition to welcoming remarks by Jeff Soriano, Vice President at GlobalEdit, about demand versus capacity issues in our work, this event featured four presentations of special interest to in-house creative professionals. Elizabeth Kiehner (Global Design Practice Director, IBM); Steven Stave (Career and Personal Coaching, Visualities); David Mowers (Executive Director of Strategy, Carbone Smolen Agency) and Paul Pierson (Managing Partner, Carbone Smolan Agency); and Maria Verastegui (Executive Creative Director, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.) shared insights on the work of in-house creative teams in today’s world.

InSource In-House Perspectives NY: Jeff Soriano

InSource In-House Perspectives NY: Maria Verastigui

InSource In-House Perspectives NY: Elizabeth Kiehner

InSource In-House Perspectives NY: David Mowers and Paul Pierson, Carbone Smolan Agency.

InSource In-House Perspectives NY: Steven Stave

InSource In-House Perspectives NY: Panel Discussion


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