I’ve heard a lot of negative statements about Creative Briefs but none more resounding than what I call the “Number One Challenge.” And I feel qualified to call this the number one challenge, as I’ve heard it repeated across the many companies I’ve worked with over the past 25 years.

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  • Do you have any examples of Creative Briefs to share?

    Identify Project Charter & Scope
    Background (purpose)
    Goals & Objectives
    Roles & Responsibilities
    • Mgmt Roles
    • Project Team Roles
    Project Approvals
    • Collateral or web details
    Client Acceptance

    Please provide a Creative Brief document if available. (improving my outline)

    Barbara Moser

    • Hi Barbara –
      Sorry for the delay, hope you find this helpful.

      Creative Brief Template

      Project name:
      Requestor: (name, phone, email)
      Account manager: (name, phone, email)

      Business Objective
      What is the business goal(s) this initiative supports? What is the definable business metric we are trying to achieve?

      Communication Objective
      What is the purpose of this initiative?

      What is the pertinent history and context for this project? Why now? How does the project align with other similar topical communications or initiatives?

      Target Audience
      Who is the intended audience? What insights do you have about them? What are their demographic and psychographic characteristics? How will this project address their key needs?

      Key Message
What is the main message that the project must communicate?

      Key Support Points
      What important detailed information supports the key message(s) in order of priority?

      Tone and Manner
      Name up to three key attributes or adjectives that the project should connote.

      Desired Response/Takeaway
      What is the audience call-to-action after receiving this communication?

      Competitive Insights
      How does [Company] approach this area differently than the competition?

      Legal/Compliance Considerations
      Are there any mandatory or legal considerations?

      Key Dates
      What are the important dates or milestones that must be met?

      What is the estimated budget?

      Execution/Production Considerations
      What is the distribution method, ‘physical’ requirements or production issues related to this project?

  • Your info is very helpful.
    Thank you, Jackie.