Part of being a member of a successful team has to do with getting to know your teammates. Think about each person’s strengths, weaknesses, and pain points. Think about YOUR strengths, weakness, and pain points. What are you really good at? Where could you use help? What do you dislike doing? What about your teammates? The purpose of this exercise is NOT to make you feel either superior or inferior. It is not a ranking system. Rather, it’s about acknowledging that each team member brings something unique and valuable to the table. Cultivate an attitude of awareness and respect toward each person. Be willing to assist them when they need it. Actively look for opportunities to be helpful. Ask for help when YOU need it. Treating your teammates with respect, compassion, and understanding yields both strong personal bonds and outstanding work. Make allies, not enemies. It will improve your daily life and your work, and, when it’s time to move on to a new team, it will yield some really great references.

– Erica Simmons Ward, Newsletter Manager, InSource

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