Metrics Monday – Strategic or Commodity?

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What division does your creative services department report into?

More than two-thirds of responding creative leaders indicated their department reported through a strategic, value-adding department such as Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Brand or some combination of those divisions. Metrics_08-26-14When the creative team is positioned within one of these divisions, the organization is more likely to be considered  strategic and value-adding. In contrast, when a creative team reports through a shared services division, the department is often viewed as a commodity, which makes it more difficult to succeed in becoming a strategic partner. It is possible to overcome the disadvantage of not being aligned with the Marketing (or the like) department; it just requires the creative team to create a brand for itself outside of its “home.”
Leaders of in-house groups regularly face ongoing competing priorities, leaving them without adequate time to develop their leadership teams. It is important that leaders prioritize professional development for themselves and their direct reports to ensure the ongoing growth and success of the team members and group.

This information comes courtesy of the 2014 In-House Creative Services Industry Report, co-authored by InSource, Cella Consulting, and the Boss Group. For a free PDF download of the report go to 

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Andy Brenits is the President of InSource and creative services leader at APS. Passionate about the design process and how design can be used to increase, even drive, profitability when used effectively and consistently, he’s been providing thought leadership, creative solutions, and big ideas for 20 years. An inspired design leader, Andy is accomplished at driving strategy and process for creative teams and has a strong record in building, managing, and leading creative teams that deliver exceptional business results and creative ideas.

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