Metrics Monday – 45 Hour Work-Week for Most.

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Almost 3 quarters of in-house teams work less than 45 hrs per week.


While 72% of creative leaders estimated their team members work less than 45 hours per week, only 55% of creative leaders indicated their team was appropriately staffed when considering full-time and contingent staff.

This information comes courtesy of the 2014 In-House Creative Services Industry Report, co-authored by InSource, Cella Consulting, and the Boss Group. For a free PDF download of the report go to

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Andy Brenits is the President of InSource and creative services leader at APS. Passionate about the design process and how design can be used to increase, even drive, profitability when used effectively and consistently, he’s been providing thought leadership, creative solutions, and big ideas for 20 years. An inspired design leader, Andy is accomplished at driving strategy and process for creative teams and has a strong record in building, managing, and leading creative teams that deliver exceptional business results and creative ideas.

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