Metrics Monday- Growing Team Size

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The size of in-house teams is growing!

The number of small teams (teams of 10 people or less) has decreased by 10 percentage points (from 69% to 58%). Consequently, there has been growth in teams of 11 to 20 and 21 to 30 team members. Headcount growth has come in the form of contract labor, as the percentage of teams composed of 100% full-time employees has decreased by six percentage points (from 55% to 49%).

Creative leaders must be careful in demonstrating a desire to grow their team. Too often a desire to grow a team can be viewed as “empire building”; leaders must be prepared to substantiate headcount requests based on business need. In addition, leaders need to be prepared to promote the adoption of new processes and tools to support the growth in order to grow in a mature, scalable manner.

This information comes courtesy of the 2014 In-House Creative Services Industry Report, co-authored by InSource, Cella Consulting, and the Boss Group. For a free PDF download of the report go to

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