In-House Business Startup Journal Part 8: Admitting Mistakes

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“Steve jobs would never have done that” I thought to myself, as I read the open apology by Tim Cook regarding the new Maps app in iOS6. As I said those words I realized that I don’t actually think that Tim Cook was wrong to do it though. While not the approach that Jobs would have taken, Cook did something few leaders are bold enough to do…admit when they make a mistake.

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About The Author

Andy Brenits is the President of InSource and creative services leader at APS. Passionate about the design process and how design can be used to increase, even drive, profitability when used effectively and consistently, he’s been providing thought leadership, creative solutions, and big ideas for 20 years. An inspired design leader, Andy is accomplished at driving strategy and process for creative teams and has a strong record in building, managing, and leading creative teams that deliver exceptional business results and creative ideas.