We want to hear from you! The 2019 In-House Creative Management Survey is now open!

The creative landscape has shifted significantly over the past several years, as organizations have begun to understand the value of high-quality creative and have started bringing more of their creative work in-house. As the creative industry continues to evolve, we here at InSource and inMotionNow believe that it is important to understand the impact of these changes at both the organizational and individual creative level. To that purpose, we are launching for the second year the In-house Creative Management Survey and Report.

The In-House Creative Management Report exists to identify, understand, and track the changes taking place among in-house creative teams, specifically in relation to their marketing stakeholders. We also hope that this report will serve as a source of empowerment for creatives, to arm them with industry knowledge and best practices to solve their top challenges and build more strategic relationships with their stakeholders.

Key Themes
Over 400 creative and marketing professionals participated in last year’s report, identifying 5 key themes – including insights into team size vs. stakeholders, the importance of creative work on the bottom line, and key areas of process improvement. The 2019 Survey will cover some of the same ground to benchmark progress on these issues, but we will also be exploring new themes that have emerged in the in-house creative world over the past year.

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