We’re more than just designers, we’re influencers and visionaries who have the ability to make a positive impact in the world through our work. That’s why every  year I make it a point to take on at least one pro bono client that we can assist  with design and branding to further their organizations goals. This work is so valuable to our in-house team because it not only gives us the ability to work on other brands but also allows us to make a difference in our communities.

We understand that design has the power to transform behaviors and shape our culture. Look into ways you can give back and make a difference through your organizations social responsibility efforts. You and your team can benefit from these experiences.

It’s an amazing opportunity when you’re faced with a design project that can help build roads, hospitals and schools for a less fortunate country. Now that’s the power of design!

“Did you actually go to school for this?”

I still get asked: “did you actually go to school for this?”

I do understand that people don’t think design can be taught. I do understand that people don’t understand the process of design.

As I sit in a hotel lobby while traveling for work I ponder, how does the general public think that everything they use in their daily lives got designed?

The signage in the hotel that led me to the cafe, The fork I’m using to eat my breakfast, the iPhone I’m texting my mom on while I sip my java, the chair I’m sitting in while reading the menu and watching an animated video.

Designers are a part of every second of our lives. So how is it that most are still so confused by us?

I don’t know this answer but challenge everyone to think about this and give some input.

Robin Colangelo
I AM IN-HOUSE : White & Case
VP, Board of Directors, InSource

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