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[ 0 ] March 27, 2007

Processing the Process Process

In the midst of tight deadlines, client revisions and staff meltdowns its difficult to find the time to create and document processes and procedures for the execution of your projects. But process is important. It protects your group from performance and financial risk and may even afford you and your team more time to do what you enjoy most – design. Read this article by Andy Epstein, Director of Graphic Design and Print Production at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and find out how to make nice with workflows and work instructions.

[ 0 ] March 21, 2007

Talking the Talk, How to Communicate up the Food Chain

Every year a number of great ideas meet untimely deaths. The culprit? Communication breakdowns – those frustrating occasions when you just can’t seem to connect with your clients or convince them of the merits of your concepts. Few situations are more aggravating than going back to the drawing board when you’ve just come up with the Pablo Picasso of ideas or, worse, watering down your Picasso so thoroughly that it begins to resemble a toddler’s art project. InSource co-founder Glenn John Arnowitz contributed to this article that appears in the current issue of HOW magazine.

[ 0 ] March 21, 2007

Business Etiquette Survival Guide, Navigating Sticky Situations at Work

Workplace dilemmas crop up in every professional’s career, whether you have two or 20 years of experience on the job. But most people don’t think about these situations until they arise, resulting in hasty decisions they sometimes regret. While there’s no sense adopting a worrywart’s mentality, familiarizing yourself with common career predicaments can help you handle them diplomatically if – and when – they occur.

[ 0 ] March 20, 2007

Creativity Rx

Coming up with clever concepts is a common challenge faced by all creative professionals. But for in-house designers who work on the same brand day in and day out, keeping fresh can be even more of an uphill battle. Yet experienced in-house professionals will tell you there’s plenty of room for innovation in a corporate environment. Take it from Glenn John Arnowitz who helped build – and now manages – an award-winning team of six designers in the creative services department at Wyeth, a research-based, global pharmaceutical company.

[ 0 ] March 20, 2007

2006 HOW Design Conference

The 2006 HOW Conference in Las Vegas may be over but Glenn John Arnowitz and Andy Epstein are still reeling from the excitement and spectacle of the enlightening sessions all held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel against the Vegas backdrop.

[ 0 ] March 16, 2007

In Other News

“Today, many of these issues are becoming more and more critical. Corporate creative teams are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. They are working with less time, fewer marketing dollars and increased expectations driven by businesses with lofty goals delivering increasingly standardized products.

[ 0 ] March 16, 2007

InSource Feature Article

“This month’s edition has evolved into an exploration and a celebration of in-house designers. It is a long overdue focus on a vital and complex segment of our community that deserves more recognition than it currently receives from colleagues, clients and upper management,” states GD:USA publisher Gordon Kaye in his editorial.

[ 0 ] December 16, 2006

Kudos from HOW!

Of all the valuable design organizations out there – among the national associations and local creative clubs – there’s one growing group that may have the most relevant to the day-to-day work lives its members.

[ 4 ] December 16, 2006

Bringing Design In-House

InSource board members Glenn Arnowitz and Andy Epstein and former board member Ray Gomez are featured in Rockport Press’ recently published book on in-house design, Bringing Graphic Design In-house. Included are samples of their departments’ work, along with helpful insights on how to bring design in-house effectively.

[ 0 ] November 16, 2006

November 2006 The Business of In-House Design

Jeni Herberger was the featured speaker for a half-day InSource event held on Thursday, November 16, 2006, at Wyeth headquarters in Madison, New Jersey. Her lively presentation offered practical advice on a wide range of business strategies for in-house creative professionals, including how to build an effective structure for success as a creative team, tactics for becoming a profit center and the logistics of developing useful tools such as profit-loss statements and efficiency measures to increase the perceived value of in-house design services in the corporate environment.

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