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[ 0 ] June 1, 2008

Member Profile: Tim Cox

Today Creative Services is made up of 50 plus associates including creative managers, designers, copywriters, production specialists and various support positions. Creative Services is responsible for the visual and written expression of the Publix Brand as it applies to corporate identity, print communications, package design and retail environments.

[ 0 ] May 16, 2008

AIGA/NY Panel to Probe Ethics of Information Design

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[ 0 ] May 1, 2008

Member Profile: Nicole Paksoy

After several years of social work in New Orleans as a child abuse counselor, I decided that advertising was more my speed emotionally and would also allow me to indulge my writing skills. I was fortunate enough to get hired as a copywriter at an in-house advertising department for a retail store, and then spent several years as a copywriter for 3 different ad agencies in the Tampa-St. Pete area. I returned to in-house marketing for an electric utility where I managed the ad agency and a small in-house staff. After 9/11, my social work leanings took me to the Red Cross as their media spokesperson for a couple of years, when I was recruited to AAA to head up their in-house creative department. I’m on the board and a past president of the Tampa Bay Advertising Federation. I have a degree from the University of North Carolina, dropped out of work for 2 years to go sailing with my husband, and still live on the water and enjoy the boating and beachy life.

[ 0 ] April 16, 2008

Innovation lessons from Pixar: An interview with Oscar-winning director Brad Bird

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[ 0 ] April 1, 2008

Member Profile: Doug Richards

Sprint is a globally recognized telecommunications company. We develop and deliver cutting-edge technology that makes our customers’ lives easier. Sprint is at the forefront of integrating long distance, local and wireless communications services, and one of the largest carriers of Internet traffic.

[ 0 ] February 28, 2008

Newsflash From GDUSA

GDUSA magazine recently named three active InSource members – who volunteer their time and talents serving on the InSource Board of Directors – as “People To Watch in 2008.” They are recognized by GDUSA as “creative, talented, successful, newsworthy, and influential” individuals “who embody the spirit of the creative community.”

[ 0 ] February 16, 2008

Target V.P. Michael Axelin on the seven components of successful innovation

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[ 0 ] February 16, 2008

Centre for Design Innovation: Day in the Life

by Justin Knecht Learn more at

[ 0 ] February 16, 2008

Why Graphic Design is the Worst Brand Ever

Before 1984, graphic design could boast that it was a discipline, something valuable in the hands of a competent designer. Then came desktop publishing and the graphic design brand started it’s gradual decline. Today anyone with a computer and a few hundred dollars in software believe themselves to be proficient in the execution of graphic design.

[ 0 ] February 3, 2008

Clean Look

Today will mark the first time that Tide has appeared in a Super Bowl commercial. This is a little surprising, given that Super Bowl ads are practically synonymous with mass brands and the Procter & Gamble detergent is about as mass as it gets.

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