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[ 0 ] August 24, 2010

Career Tip: Avoid Cell Phone Faux Pas

If you must leave your cell phone on during work hours, make sure that it’s always with you, and that the volume is turned down or the phone is silenced altogether. And use a standard, professional-sounding ringtone.

[ 0 ] August 23, 2010

Offshoring Creative to India

As the economy struggled across the better part of the last decade and developing nations proved able to take on business services in addition to production tasks, outsourcing and offshoring conversations and activities increased. Business leaders looking to take advantage of the cost savings have asked their business unit heads to identify opportunities to offshore activities within their departments. These asks have not excluded creative departments and multimedia design and development and graphic design have been specifically targeted.

[ 0 ] August 17, 2010

Career Tip: Activate Your Network

Join at least one organization where you can regularly mingle with other industry professionals, such as your local AIGA chapter, Adobe User Group, Ad Club, or of course…InSource.

[ 0 ] August 11, 2010

Career Tip: Find magic in the mundane

At a loss for good ideas? The key is knowing where to look. Learn how to spot great ideas each and every day in an exclusive interview with creativity expert and author Sam Harrison.

[ 6 ] August 1, 2010

InSource Opinion Poll: How do you reinvigorate the creativity in your department, to keep design fresh?

Designers in a corporate environment are known to get stale working in templates with limited fonts and color palettes. How do you reinvigorate the creativity in your department, to keep design fresh?

[ 8 ] August 1, 2010

Tracking Hours is Not Only for Chargeback Organizations

In-house creative services teams with an hourly chargeback model must track their time—often to the quarter-hour increment. The discipline of time tracking can be off-putting for many teams at first, but the advantages of time tracking can’t be ignored, and teams generally support the practice once they understand the potential outcomes.

[ 0 ] July 29, 2010

Do you have the vision for creative success?

As you consider your career and all that you want or need to accomplish, you may want to consider using this approach to make your dreams a reality. Even though the majority of us in the creative fields are visual learners and have limited difficulty visualizing creative concepts, at times we can get bogged down when it comes to our future.

[ 0 ] July 27, 2010

Career Tip: Get a fresh perspective

Are you or your team at a loss for new ideas and creative inspiration?

[ 0 ] July 22, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group, responds to career-related questions from InSource members. This week, she addresses the issue of handling counteroffers.

[ 0 ] July 20, 2010

Career Tip: Take one for the team

Don’t play the blame game if something goes awry.

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