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[ 3 ] November 9, 2012

2013 InSource Events Announced

InSource is proud to announce its 2013 Events lineup!

[ 0 ] October 15, 2012

Job Cost Tracking and its Impact on Decision Making, Justification and Control

A creative services manager must make many decisions in the course of managing her production process. Increasingly, the manager is also asked to justify decisions, and their team’s very existence.

[ 0 ] October 10, 2012

News: Cella announces PartnerPulse

Cella has announced the launch of the industry’s first-ever standardized customer satisfaction surveying service that allows in-house creative teams to collect client feedback and benchmark their performance against other in-house creative teams AND external agencies.

[ 0 ] October 2, 2012

Getting Started with Process Documentation

Previously I shared some thoughts about the importance and benefits of documenting your processes. After reading you may have thought “great, but how do I get started?”

[ 0 ] October 1, 2012

In-House Business Startup Journal Part 8: Admitting Mistakes

“Steve jobs would never have done that” I thought to myself, as I read the open apology by Tim Cook regarding the new Maps app in iOS6. As I said those words I realized that I don’t actually think that Tim Cook was wrong to do it though. While not the approach that Jobs would have taken, Cook did something few leaders are bold enough to do…admit when they make a mistake.

[ 0 ] September 28, 2012

Connect through InSource online

Between our great events, connect with your creative peers around the globe through InSource’s social media presence.

[ 0 ] September 24, 2012

Some Management 101 Thoughts For the New Creative Leader

You probably have heard many times that as a manager you are only as good as your people. So how do you motivate your team to do their best?

[ 0 ] September 10, 2012

Creative is Not Manufacturing—The Importance of Face Time

There are many similarities between creative processes and manufacturing, particularly custom manufacturing. And, the closer you get to production, whether print, web or video, the more it really is like manufacturing. But I quickly learned that there are some areas where a manufacturing mindset just doesn’t work—specifically the goal of minimizing human interaction in the process.

[ 0 ] September 6, 2012

In-House Business Startup Journal Part 7: Sell The Work, Not The Process

Any in-house creative services leader knows that process is important. From how clients initiate new projects, to how the team gets work done. It’s a very important way to manage workflow, effectiveness, productivity, and frankly…order. If we have done our jobs well, things run smoothly for the most part. Clients are happy, designers are engaged and creative, things are good.

[ 7 ] August 30, 2012

Join us for An Evening With Paula Scher

Join InSource on Tuesday, October 23 for An Evening with Paula Scher: Perspectives on the relationships between in-house and outside creative agencies. Reserve your space now!

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