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About Us

Our Mission

InSource provides THE network for collectively sharing professional experiences, knowledge and best practices that help empower all inhouse creative leaders to run their business most effectively.

Our Vision

InSource aspires to be THE global network for inhouse creative business leaders connected by common professional experiences, knowledge and best practices.

Our History

Started in 2002 by two managers of creative services, Glenn Arnowitz (then of Wyeth) and Andy Epstein (then of Gund, Inc.), InSource was formed out of the need for inhouse creative business leaders to come together and learn from each other. Glenn and Andy recognized that others like themselves were feeling isolated too and came together to create a common ground where leaders could enhance their understanding and develop common positions to maximize their impact and elevate the value of inhouse design in corporate environments.

Since those early days, roundtable discussions on topics relating to real-life challenges and best business practices have been at the heart of InSource. InSource has expanded it’ reach to thousands of creative professionals around the world through online channels and events.

Committed to creative leadership excellence and effective business management, InSource focuses on providing a platform to share ideas and practices among leaders of inhouse creative teams to encourage one another in various professional pursuits..